Selasa, 03 September 2013


Hi everyone, i just shared my video admission for applying JENESYS 2.0 JPOP CULTURE PROGRAM. I know it's not the best video ;p. and the deadline is 25 August 2013. Actually i have made a video 3 days before the deadline, but my friends tell me that my video is so bad. haha! And finally at 25 August evening  i decide to remake the video, You guys can look in my face that i'm make some tiring expressinons! After make this video, i'm ran back to my house and upload to the youtube as soon as possible. Thanks to my sister who's spending her time to help me made this video. For you guys who's watchin this video, Thank you so much! I hope i can accepted in this program. Then i can pursue my dreams in Japan! :)
Let's hope!
*Forgive me if i'm looks like talking in hurry! We just have 2 minutes for each video! ;p

Bunch of Love,

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