Kamis, 07 Juni 2012

Sometimes, we need to be hurt in order to grow. We must lose in order to gain. Sometimes, some lessons are learned best through pain  - Will Smith -

Its's hard to say goodbye. Peterpan says that "Never say Goodbye, Because saying Goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting. i thought a little bit of that quote is right. I'm so near with that word. word "Goodbye"
And tired of that stuff. I hate to say and face it. The truth is I'm living Nomaden. You know Nomaden? Search in Google if you don't know ;) . Back to the topic, When i'm in junior high and have to continue my high school i have to move to Surabaya. It's hurts.. I have a good life in Jakarta, Good friends, and things i love is here.
And i have to move to Surabaya. First thing in my head is , Oh no! i have to start all over again. Making a new life, adaptation with people there. It's in Java and sometimes they're use Java language to chat with.. And i think i will be die there. ( it's totally exaggerating ) That's me in 15 years old ( by the way now i'm 19 years old ).

And actually my life in Surabaya it's not that bad. and the truth is i learned so much there. About Life, Friendship, Love and Teens Matters. I'm happy in Surabaya. for almost 3 years i do a lot of things. Party, School, Pursuing dream, etc. At the end of high school i have to move again to Jakarta. about going College.
And actually not too excited about that.

Gonna post the photos i've been take in Surabaya. Coming soon!

from me -L-

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